{ "error": false, "polls_list": [ { "PollsTitle": "Computer Class", "PollsDate": "2019-02-01 04:33:12", "PollsData": "The extra computer class has been organized on this Sunday 29 Oct 2018, Are you ok with this schedule?" }, { "PollsTitle": "Field Trip", "PollsDate": "2019-01-01 04:33:12", "PollsData": "This years field trip has been scheduled to hover dam. which will cost $180 including breakfast & dinner, Are you going to register your child to this trip?" }, { "PollsTitle": "Science Event", "PollsDate": "2019-01-21 04:33:12", "PollsData": "School is going to organize children's science event at city hall, Are you positive towards participation of your child in this event?" } ] }